Project Description

The Genuine Jones



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The Genuine Jones is the brain child of rocker Mark Tucker who came to us for a logo design for his new band. Working collaboratively with Mark, we were able to design a fresh-faced, bold, look for his band that reflected their sound and vision. We also created a website to showcase their music, upcoming shows, and sell band schwag (which we also designed). You can visit their website at

  • New fun, bold band logo
  • Created a Custom Fun, Bold Website
  • Designed Schwag & Integrated into Simple E-Commerce Shop

“Kari and David are a great team. They brought so much creativity, energy, and insight to my Genuine Jones project. Kari did a fantastic job on the band logo and merchandise. She took the time and energy to do great pre-meeting research on popular band logos.Kari brought ideas that showed she really understood the concept of the brand. Kari and David made the website process simple for me to understand. After reviewing and discussing my options and needs, they fashioned a top-notch website with all the features and functionality of my favorite websites in one kick-ass site. Sarit and State rocks!”

Mark Tucker
The Genuine Jones